Ingredients: 100% Pure LEMON OIL (Citrus Limonum)  Benefits: Refreshing and antiseptic. 

Uses: Good for cleansing and toning, fortifying to the nervous system. Helpful for anaemia, arthritis, cellulate, 

chillblains, colds, 'flu, fluid retention, gallstones, high blood pressure, insect bites and stings, rheumatism, sore throats, verrucae, warts, wounds and as an insect repellant. 

Aroma: Lively, clean citrus. Blends well with Lavender. Caution - Do not use before exposure to sunshine or a sunbed. May cause irritation to sensitive skin.


Keep Out Of The Reach Of Children

When Opened, Use Within 18 to 24 months. 

Aromatherapy Oil Lemon 10ml Bottle

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