80 x 120mm Ivory Pillar Candles

This Candle is Powder Pressed and burn for Approx 58 hours each.

Our Candles are non drip.


Candles are essentially Fire so please read instructions and use caution.


Our Candles uses verified, safe and natural raw materials as well as environmentally friendly technologies to ensure the expected result – high quality candles.


What the Heck is Powder Pressed????

Powder pressed candles is the most popular type of candles due to their classic shapes as well as due to the variety of sizes and colours available. These candles are made using special technology which applies large pressure on powder paraffin to obtain necessary shape.

The interior of the candle remains white and when the ready-made product is dipped in coloured paraffin, it is possible to obtain the necessary tone of the candle colour. 

Ivory Candles 80x120mm

SKU: BCIP4x31/8